Animation GIF by Andreea Robescu
Animation GIF by Andreea Robescu
Animation GIF by Andreea Robescu
Animation GIF by Andreea Robescu
The Future animation GIF by Andreea Robescu

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Stickers WonderlandProject type

Levi's Women's MonthIllustration, Logo

Magazine Covers IIIllustration

Sephora AnniversaryKey Visual, logo

Abstract MotionProject type

SEPHORiA House of Beauty by SEPHORAEvent Branding, Illustration

MLB AssemblyEvent Branding & Illustration

Carefree WeHustle CampaignKey-visual, motion graphics

Undorable AW '18key-visual, identity

Girls & FLowersIllustration

Gucci in progressOutdoor Graphics

Painted WordsTypography Art

Sephora PackagingPackaging Design

Otherland PackagingPackaging Design

WestfieldProject type

Strong WomenIllustration

Fashion IllustrationsIllustration

Smirnoff SeltzerKey Visuals

Ads in bloomAdvertising

Magazine CoversEditorial Design

Refinery 29Illustration

Nike AW Tech PackKey Visuals

YouTube MagazineEditorial Design


GRL PWRPainting

Afro PunkIllustration

Bikini XOXOPattern Design

Flower PowerEditorial

PortraitsMagazine Illustration